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Size Matters At Daddy's Dogs

Featured Dogs: New York + Big Daddy + New York
Featured Dogs: New York + Big Daddy + New York

From Coney Island to your favorite baseball stadium or backyard barbecue, hot dogs are indisputably one of the most relished foods in all of American cuisine and no summer gathering is complete without them. In fact, some might argue that they are a quintessential piece of Americana. With hot dog season officially upon us, Nashvillians are celebrating this momentous occasion at gourmet hot dog mainstay, Daddy’s Dogs.


While simple reigns supreme, Sean Porter, the genius and Daddy behind Daddy’s Dogs, is reinventing this classic dish with imaginative toppings like cream cheese, peaches, and even pineapple. The purists out there are probably rolling their eyes and only moments from heart palpitations while my food enthusiasts are screaming “what else you got?”

Sean Porter, aka “Daddy”, traveled the globe as a road manager for some of the best musicians out there (Cage The Elephant, Elle King, and my personal favorite, Mat Kearney just to name a few). Even though he found himself in a new city every few days, he found joy exploring the city through its cuisine.

Ahem, sounds very familiar! When a motorcycle accident left Sean with a broken leg and lots of time on his hand, he found himself looking for a solid side hustle.

Sitting at the bar with one of his long time friends, they suggested that he look into hot dogs. Given that Nashville didn’t have a hot dog scene, and no, footlong chili cheese coneys at Sonic do not count, Sean opened up Daddy’s Dogs as a hot dog cart in July 2015. Nashvillians and tourists alike embraced Daddy’s Dogs and they have since expanded with late-night carts on Broadway and Demonbreun, a walk-up window in the Historic Printer’s Alley and their flagship located in the trendy Nations neighborhood.

I was first introduced to Daddy’s Dogs a few years ago at the Nashville Cocktail Festival (last seen HERE). Making my way through the drink stations, I kept getting a whiff of the most magnificent aroma. I knew right then and there I had to have whatever it was that was making my mouth salivate. Walking around the food truck area, I pinpointed the source of this goodness, the Daddy’s Dogs cart. It was love at first bite.

From time to time, I occasionally spot one of their carts and snag a late-night bite, but I really enjoy grabbing a few of my friends and hitting up their flagship location in the Nations. It doesn’t get better than enjoying a New York dog and a Miller High Life on the patio. Given the current COVID-19 situation, Daddy’s Dogs has done a remarkable job catering to its customers. Aside from the social distancing measures they implemented, guests can order online, call ahead for pick up or delivery, if you don’t want to leave your house. I can assure you Daddy’s Dogs travel well and are just as good at home.

On July 22, the stars align as Daddy’s Dogs will be celebrating their five year anniversary as well as National Hot Dog Day. In order to commemorate this day of epic proportions, all dogs will be $5.00. Yes, you read that correctly. Hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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If you are looking for a late-night bite or simply want to enjoy this American classic, Daddy’s Dogs is a must. In fact, I’ll be heading there for dinner myself! That New York dog is calling my name.

Tariff: Dogs range between $6.00-$9.00 with sides priced between $2.00-$7.00. These dogs are big. Unless you are skipping the bun, which by the way, don’t sleep on that- It’s delicious. One dog will do ya if you are ordering a side. Rest assured these aren’t your average wieners.

Can’t Miss: In case you missed it, the New York dog is one of my favorites along with the Big Daddy. Those loaded tots are pretty killer too.

Potential Pass: Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every dog I’ve ordered but if I were going to say skip one for another, I’d skip the Chili dog. This is one of the more classic items on the menu and if you’re at Daddy’s Dogs, you should enjoy the unique flavor combinations.

Thank you Blonde Voyage Nashville for the article! Look forward to having you back.

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